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We are home to the original Cross Bottles. These are the bottles that started the entire cross bottle craze. They are not mass produced, each is handmade, one at time, using original designs. Every one of our vintage crystal Cross Bottles is a stunning, truly special and a one of a kind work of Art - It is why top of the line retailers, A-list designers, showrooms and high end boutiques around the world exclusively carry our Cross Bottles.

Cherished and collected by Celebrities for years, our line has been featured for the last decade in Celebrity Show Houses, the LA Times, and popular shelter magazines including Better Homes and Gardens, California Style, Country Living, Coast Magazine, Orange County Home, C Magazine, as well as the Robb Report Collection: The Buyers Guide for Connoisseurs, and were featured in and deemed "the best" by House Beautiful. Our Vintage Sea Life collection was showcased as one of Martha Stewart's 2009 Christmas Gift Ideas.

Our Cross Bottles are made from remnants of antique crystal chandeliers that have fallen into disuse. We use found antique bottles from as far back as the 18th century, all donned in patinas with beautiful signs of both time and the elements. We seek out the most interesting vessels and embellishments, including antique silver, weathered gilt wood altar style candlesticks, antique leather bottles from Italy and Spain, unearthed stones, relics and artifacts, place them alongside carefully curated new items --we then join them forever within a rustic, sculptural application of solder, which we wash in the faded, time-worn hues of weathered iron and tarnished pewter.

Our Cross Bottles represent the distinct style of Greyfreth -- an artistic juxtaposition -- the marriage of sophisticated, opulent beauty with the rustic, time-worn element of antiques which only grow more beautiful with age. This unique and special quality of our Vintage Cross Bottles has been recognized and loved by collectors, the general public, the Design and Artistic world and the media for years.

For years, many have tried and continue to try to copy these bottles -- the designs,descriptions, even the photo shoot staging - but none of them truly succeed - how can they? The knock offs and copies remain just that ... copies.

These are the original Cross Bottles.
The standard which others have tried... and still try to achieve.

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